Beat the Heat: 16 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Beat the Heat: 16 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

With temperatures in the 90s and the heat index over 100 this week, it’s been a real challenge to stay cool the past few days. Especially with no air conditioning in my apartment. So without further ado, for all of you who are in the same boat, here are 16 creative ideas to help you beat the heat without having the luxury of A/C.

1. Find friends who do have air conditioning. Try to visit and have sleepovers there as much as possible.


2. Go anywhere else with A/C whenever possible. Put in extra hours at the office, go to the mall, go out to eat, go grocery shopping, go to the movies, go bowling, visit a local museum or the library, or just have a party at Walmart.


3. Sleep with cold packs. If your friends don’t feel like housing you for the fourth time this week, this is an excellent alternative. Cool, damp towels or washcloths feel great too.


4. Deck out every room with fans. My apartment doesn’t even have ceiling fans, so portable floor fans are lifesavers.


5. Make a cold drink. A few of my favorites include smoothies, shakes, or Italian soda (club soda, flavored syrup, and half and half). Or just hit up that smoothie shop down the street. Besides, they probably have A/C.


6. Get wet. Go swimming, go tubing, have a water balloon fight, or wash the car!


7. Enjoy a good old Popsicle. Or ice cream or basically anything else that’s cold. Avoid hot food, especially if it requires turning on the oven.


8. Go boating. Even if you don’t get wet, the breeze will cool you off!


9. Go to the beach. 


10. Go ice skating at an indoor rink.


11. If you have to stay home, wear minimal clothing. Why bother when you’ll probably just sweat all over it anyway?


12. Take a road trip up north. I mean way up north.


13. Or just book the next flight to the north pole.


14. Stay hydrated. The heat takes a lot out of you. Drink fluids as much as possible.


15. Take a cold shower. You’ll probably start sweating again as soon as you step out, but its nice break for a while.


16. Or take a natural shower. When you are fortunate enough to get some precipitation, take advantage. Don’t pass up the opportunity to dance in the rain.


Good luck and stay cool!