Xbox Games to Play with Your Girlfriend that She Will Actually Enjoy

Xbox Games to Play with Your Girlfriend that She Will Actually Enjoy

My boyfriend loves playing Xbox. When he’s not at school or work or hanging out with me, there’s a good chance you’ll find him in front of the TV, controller in hand. He even jokes that it’s his second girlfriend!

If he had it his way, Xbox would be the perfect pastime for when we’re together. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up playing any video games. My parents did finally buy us a Wii when I was in high school, but we really only had games like Wii Sports and Just Dance, so I didn’t find myself playing too many of the first-person shooter games that he seems to enjoy.

Point is, I am terrible at video games, and if it weren’t for Scott, I would also have virtually no interest in them either. However, supporting the interests of your significant other is important and can also be a lot of fun! So over the last few months, we’ve finally found a few that aren’t too challenging for me to get the hang of, but that he enjoys playing too.

Here’s our list:

1. Rayman Legends


This was one of the first co-op games we started playing together, and one of the first games that I really got into. It is a platform/adventure game and the object is for Rayman (or whatever character you choose to play as) to rescue the all Teensies who are trapped in cages (as pictured above). To do so, you must slide down waterfalls, swing on vines, wall-jump up cliff sides, and even solve puzzles and mazes, taking out monsters as you go. There are also some fun music-based levels where you get to run, jump, and attack monsters to the beat, and a mini-game called “Kung Foot.”

2. Rocket League


The goal is simple. Get the ball into the goal. Think it sounds easy? Here’s the catch: the ball is huge, heavy, and bouncy, and you have to drive a car to push it around! It took a little getting used to since the steering isn’t like the familiar driving in Mario Kart Wii, but eventually I caught on. Even though the ball pretty much never goes where I want it to, it’s still fun to cruise around and occasionally I score a goal! This game is great because you have the option to work together and be on the same team, or you can show off your competitive side and play on opposing teams. I prefer teamwork, but you do you.

3. Worms Battlegrounds


I may prefer to work together, but sometimes a little friendly competition can be fun. In this game, you play as a small army of worms trying to take out the other team of worms by using weapons anywhere from grenades to bazookas to the dreaded concrete donkey. I don’t think I have ever actually won, but something about this game still has me trying.

4. Super Mega Baseball


Well this one is pretty self-explanatory; it is basically just regular baseball! Although you have way more control options than in the Wii Sports version I was used to. You have more control over your pitches, and you can direct where players run or throw to on the field. Scott always has the upper hand when we play this too, but one of these days I’m gonna beat him! Also, I promise I didn’t lose this game 9-0, he just had a really good first inning.

5. Peggle


I actually used to play the PC version of this game when I was younger, but we recently discovered the Xbox version. It’s super easy to learn and even after all these years, it’s still pretty fun. They have a multiplayer mode, but we found we liked single player Adventure mode better. We just pass the controller back and forth, taking turns completing levels. I would recommend this if you’re looking for something a little easier and more relaxing.

5. Tumblestones


Tumblestones is a puzzle game, and requires a little more thought than Peggle, but is still a fairly relaxed game. The goal is to clear the board by taking out groups of three matching-colored blocks at a time. It is tricky because you need to be careful not to take out a block at wrong time because you might need it later!

6. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2


This is definitely not a relaxed game, and is more of the first-person shooter situation. I’ve only played three times, but I’ve done okay in a supporting role. My recommendation: choose to play on the plants side and let your lady be the sunflower so she can heal you as you lead the offensive attack on the zombies.

7. Overcooked


This is the latest addition to our list, as it is fairly new for Xbox, and it is also my new favorite! In the story mode, you work together to fill orders and feed as many customers as fast as you can before the time runs out. If you get enough stars on the level, you will get to move on to the next. In higher levels, watch out for fun complications such as conveyor belts, shifting counter-tops, and even slippery icebergs and hot lava!

I will be adding to this list as we discover new games that the two of us enjoy, so check back soon for more ideas!

DIY Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas

DIY Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas

My boyfriend and I recently celebrated our two-year anniversary together. As a surprise, I coordinated an epic campus-wide scavenger hunt for him, with me being the thing at the end that the clues were leading to. The hunt started at his apartment when he got home from work. He was expecting me to be there, but instead his roommate was waiting there with a note from me and a clue leading to the first stop. Along the way, he was presented with even more surprises. At each stop, one of our friends was waiting with the next clue, and could then join in the fun after they were found. This was a way to keep it more social and less of him just wandering around town alone. (Plus, it was a safety net for me, knowing that none of the clues would blow away or get stolen.) One of the clues led to a nearby bakery where he got to pick out a dozen donuts for him and our friends to enjoy during the hunt. At another spot, my friend was there holding a present from me (a personalized photo calendar that I designed and ordered online with photos of us from throughout the last year.) At the end, he found me waiting outside my apartment building where I told him I had a reservation for us at an Italian restaurant a few blocks away.

These are some of the clues I wrote!

My parents also just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and my sister and I put together a second photo calendar for them. However, instead of pulling together old photos of them, we collected several photos from our childhood and recreated them using most of the same (or similar) props, outfits, and locations. It was a blast to make and was a hit with our parents too!

Here are a couple of my favorites 🙂

EPSON MFP imageimg_20160830_113728272


EPSON MFP imageimg_20160830_111658508

The Best [insert noun here] Ever

The Best [insert noun here] Ever

Growing up, one of my favorite activities to do with family and friends was playing the word game Mad Libs®. I loved thinking of crazy and creative words to help write the silly short stories that always ended in laughing and laughing-induced tears and stomachaches.

Yesterday, I was able to relive some of those hilarious childhood memories. In preparation for our work party next week, I was asked to write a homemade “Mad Lib” for our staff to fill out together and make ridiculous stories about each other.

I tested it out with my closest work friends, and as usual, I walked away feeling like I’d gotten a nice ab workout from all the laughter.

Below you will find said “Mad Lib” for you to enjoy with your own friends or coworkers. I hope, at the very least, it brings a smile to your face or maybe even makes you laugh so hard you cry! Enjoy!

How to Lib: LuBerry Style

1. First write down a word for each of the following:

  • Noun (I suggest excluding people and places and instead opting for things)
  • Name of a Street
  • Name of a Person (possibly a friend or coworker)
  • Adjective
  • Same Person from Above
  • Adjective
  • Body Part
  • Noun
  • Noun
  • Past Tense Verb
  • Plural Noun
  • A Second Person
  • Adjective
  • Sound
  • A Third Person
  • Noun
  • Verb
  • Place
  • Past Tense Verb
  • Same Third Person
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Same Place from Above
  • Verb Ending in -ING
  • Exclamation
  • Adjective
  • Adjective
  • Noun
  • Same Third Person
  • Plural Noun
  • Same Place

2. Replace all of the blanks in the short story below with your words from above!

The Best [NOUN] Ever

While I was walking down [NAME OF STREET] on my way to work today, I saw [FIRST PERSON]. As I got closer, I was confronted with a(n) [ADJECTIVE] scene.  Before my eyes was [FIRST PERSON], with a [ADJECTIVE] [BODY PART].  He/she shouted “Quick!  Bring me a [NOUN]!”

Once the situation was under control, I went to my office. Sitting on my desk was a [NOUN] and a cardboard box. I [PAST TENSE VERB] the box and inside were two [PLURAL NOUN] from [SECOND PERSON]. “How [ADJECTIVE],” I thought with a smile.

Suddenly, I heard a loud [SOUND] and turned around. [THIRD PERSON] was standing there with a [NOUN]. “You have to [VERB] with me right now!” he/she said. “We need to get to [PLACE] right away!” I got up and [PAST TENSE VERB] with [THIRD PERSON] and then we hopped into my [VEHICLE].

When we got to [SAME PLACE], we saw lots of people [VERB ENDING IN –ING] outside. “[EXCLAMATION]!” I yelled. “Who are these [ADJECTIVE] people?” “They are here to see the [ADJECTIVE] [NOUN]!” [THIRD PERSON] said. “Wow,” I said, “What dedicated [PLURAL NOUN] they have here in [SAME PLACE]!”