Hi, I’m Lauren! I am a recent grad from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where I studied to become a Digital Marketing Extraordinaire. My younger sister Rachel loves all animals (especially our dog, Macy, and her pony, Elliott) and she is aspiring to become a large animal veterinarian someday.

Here we all are, representing Wisconsin by sporting our red Badgers gear, and attempting to reign in the four-legged members of our family, encouraging them to “sit nicely” for our picture.


I recently came across a piece I wrote about two years ago for one of my classes. The assignment was to create a timeline of our career goals, starting from the first time we said we wanted to be a princess or an astronaut, to where our career goals stand today.

Throughout my timeline,  I discussed the pros and cons of each profession: what originally got me excited about the career, and what eventually made me lose interest.

So to give you some background about how I got to where I am today, and how I have developed my interests over the years, I would like to share my career goal timeline.

My Career Goals Over the Years: From Child to Young Professional


  • What appealed to me: I had a weird obsession for bugs as a kid. Loved to chase them, catch them, and then usually keep them in a jar until they died. I even painted a pill bug once in hopes to track it!
  • Why I changed my mind: I decided that all bugs are actually gross.


  • What appealed to me: I grew up on three acres of land, which was a pretty big amount of land for a kid to explore. I loved digging in the yard and seeing what I could find.
  • Why I changed my mind: While this was fun for a while, I eventually realized that I would likely not be able to find anything of much worth in my yard, especially since I was unable to dig much deeper than about six inches.


  • What appealed to me: I loved the idea of being creative and while the things I found in my yard were practically worthless, I hoped to one day invent something from them and turn them into something useful.
  • Why I changed my mind: I had no real useful or practical ideas or supplies, and no problems to solve that would actually require me to invent something.


  • What appealed to me: I guess I still liked the idea of solving problems. Or maybe it’s just because I watched too much Scooby-Doo growing up. Either way, I was constantly looking for mysteries to solve around the house. Whenever one of my parents or my sister misplaced something, I retraced their steps, looking for clues until the mystery was solved.
  • Why I changed my mind: Eventually, I ran out of new and intriguing “mysteries” and lost interest altogether.


  • What appealed to me: I loved using my imagination to make up stories, and even more so, I enjoyed writing them down. Even today I still keep a journal.
  • Why I changed my mind: Looking back on those stories today, I see why they didn’t get published. It’s probably better that we kept most of my writing back then to a personal journal.


  • What appealed to me: Continuing with my love for creativity and imagination, of course I would want to be an actress. My parents did always call me a drama queen.
  • Why I changed my mind: In reality, I am actually not a great actress, I would probably get stage fright, and I don’t know how happy I would be if I were actually famous.


  • What appealed to me: Again, I loved the creative aspect, and I have always had a passion for music. One time in grade school, some friends and I even tried to start our own band.
  • Why I changed my mind: The band quickly failed and while I sang all four years in my high school choir, I was no choral prodigy, and of course there would be the stage fright.

Architect/Interior Designer/Decorator:

  • What appealed to me: I am not exactly sure what sparked my interest in these fields. Maybe it was the beautifully designed homes that I see all over Pinterest, or the real estate course that I took last semester, or maybe it was just The Sims, but over the years, I developed an appreciation for different types of architecture and interior design. And obviously the creative interest has always been there.
  • Why I changed my mind: I was told that unless you become very successful, it is very hard to make a living or even find a job. Being that all my experience was completed in a virtual world, I decided to take a different route.


  • What appealed to me: After deciding that I probably couldn’t make a living as an Interior Designer, I discovered a whole new field. Fortunately, it is still one that can appeal to my creative interests. I am currently interested in marketing and advertising, especially social media and graphic design.
  • Why I changed my mind: Haven’t yet!

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