DIY Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas

DIY Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas

My boyfriend and I recently celebrated our two-year anniversary together. As a surprise, I coordinated an epic campus-wide scavenger hunt for him, with me being the thing at the end that the clues were leading to. The hunt started at his apartment when he got home from work. He was expecting me to be there, but instead his roommate was waiting there with a note from me and a clue leading to the first stop. Along the way, he was presented with even more surprises. At each stop, one of our friends was waiting with the next clue, and could then join in the fun after they were found. This was a way to keep it more social and less of him just wandering around town alone. (Plus, it was a safety net for me, knowing that none of the clues would blow away or get stolen.) One of the clues led to a nearby bakery where he got to pick out a dozen donuts for him and our friends to enjoy during the hunt. At another spot, my friend was there holding a present from me (a personalized photo calendar that I designed and ordered online with photos of us from throughout the last year.) At the end, he found me waiting outside my apartment building where I told him I had a reservation for us at an Italian restaurant a few blocks away.

These are some of the clues I wrote!

My parents also just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and my sister and I put together a second photo calendar for them. However, instead of pulling together old photos of them, we collected several photos from our childhood and recreated them using most of the same (or similar) props, outfits, and locations. It was a blast to make and was a hit with our parents too!

Here are a couple of my favorites 🙂

EPSON MFP imageimg_20160830_113728272


EPSON MFP imageimg_20160830_111658508


15 thoughts on “DIY Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas

  1. Hey Lauren,

    This blog post is awesome and while I was reading it I saw that amazing scavenger hunt picture you posted. As my boyfriend’s birthday is near and I was planning a scavenger hunt for him too. I loved the way you’ve written the clues. I’d be very grateful if there is any way you could send me those clues via e-mail.

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    1. Glad you liked the idea! I could send you the clues, but most of the ones that aren’t shown in my post include things like names of our friends, inside jokes, and local places in our city. So I don’t have a problem sharing if you just want some more ideas, but many of them might not make sense and your scavenger hunt will work best if you are able to add a personal touch of your own! 🙂


      1. hey,
        first of all thanks for replying, yes I totally understand what you’re trying to say but it would really help me if you could send those clues so that I somehow can get the whole idea wrapped around my head if it is no problem for you.


  2. I am thrilled that you like the idea! I can send both of you the clues by this weekend to use as a resource. Just know that many of them won’t make sense because they are full of inside jokes and names of people and places. Good luck to you both!


  3. This is a FANTASTIC idea!! I’m going to do it for mine and my husband’s anniversary. Can you pretty please send me the clues too?? I’d REALLY appreciate some ideas!!

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  4. Wow, I can’t believe how many people are excited about this post; I had no idea it was the most popular scavenger hunt post on Pinterest! Thanks everyone for the kind words and support and interest! I hope all of your scavenger hunts are successful too! 🙂

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