Kid at HeART

Kid at HeART

“Coloring isn’t just for kids,” says Paige Tate, who created the awesome, chic, and modern adult coloring book that I got for Christmas.IMG_20160120_093854

Well, it’s true, coloring doesn’t have to be just for children; adults can find good reasons to pick up this fun activity again too.

It can provide a nice break from the stressful things in your life and is a great way to relax and unwind for awhile. It also can provide an excellent creative outlet for you to express yourself and you’ll find that it feels very rewarding to create something beautiful.

Even if you don’t consider yourself the creative type, don’t worry, the nice thing about coloring is that the design is already there for you; you just have to, well, color it! And there is definitely no right or wrong way.

One thing that I love about this coloring book in particular, is the fun and inspirational words on every page. Not only are the loopy, cursive letters the best part to color, you will also have a cute and motivational piece of art when you’re done! Honestly, I should hang these up in my room.


So go ahead “kids,” start coloring!


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