Over the weekend, I tried Zentangle for the first time.

“Tangling” may just look like doodling, but it is an art form that anyone of any age or level of experience can practice. It can be done for fun, as a creative outlet, or for meditative and stress-relieving purposes.

The Zentangle Method was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to create a simple and creative way for others to experience the feelings of well-being and total focus that can be achieved through meditation.

In the workshop I attended, we learned four of the most basic patterns: Hollibaugh (overlapping bridge pattern), Crescent Moon (scalloped ridges pattern), Knightsbridge (checkerboard pattern), and Florz (straight or curved lines with a point where the lines intersect).

All of these patterns can be seen below in my tangles and the tangles created by my friends and family who did the Zentangle workshop with me.



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